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ROWAN ELETTRONICA technologically renews its production of soft starters, SCR voltage regulators, combining both functions in the new digital series 470 equipped with latest-generation microprocessor.

By simply setting a parameter you can select the operation as:

  1. THREE-PHASE SOFT STARTER for asynchronous motors;
  3. THREE-PHASE STATIC SWITCH: Application: frequent commands of three-phase loads as an alternative to electromechanical contactors. Control technology: "zero crossing" SCR Trigger to avoid distortion and noise on the power line.
  4. ENERGY WAVE TRAINS THREE-PHASE REGULATOR: Application: proportional control of the temperature in furnaces with electric heaters. Control technology: the electric power to the load is applied in steps of entire periods depending on a programmable cycle time and from the set of power, adjustable by analogue signal 0 ÷ 10Vdc.


The SCR trigger is always "zero crossing " to avoid distortions and disturbances on the supply line.




470S type soft starters are devices which permit the starting of standard three-phase induction motors in a soft and progressive way.  It is possible to engage acceleration and deceleration ramps on the motor, so limiting the current absorbed to the necessary minimum value which avoids useless over absorption of the supply line and giving more efficient protection to the mechanical parts applied to the motor.

The current limitation occurs in a balanced manner on all three phases of power. Compared to other controls in two phases on the market, starting is not noisy and power consumptions are lower for the same torque.



>  Maximum interchangeability with the previous 370S series

Symmetrical adjustment of the voltage on all three phases

>  Simplified first level BASIC DATA menu for rapid installation and start-up.

>  Designed to control asynchronous motors:-  at single and dual speed (with automatic management of speed and direction change relay switches);

-   at 3 wire and 6 wire connections; 6 wire connection allows the installation of a 1.73 times smaller soft starter than the 3 wire on equivalent motor powers (the 6 wire connection is automatically available in all replacements of old star/triangle start systems).

-    as generators, with progressive network hooking.


>  Voltage ramp start-up with current limitation, adjustable by parameter or external potentiometer.

>  A kick start mode is also available to overcome inertial resistances.

>  2 stop mode management, depending on motor load:

1) voltage deceleration ramp for non-inertial loads.

Typical use: stopping pumps to avoid hammering.

2) counter current braking for loads with high inertial masses, thanks to the exclusive sensor-less deceleration speed control system.

Typical uses: press flywheels, large fans, spindles etc.

>  Facility for control and full parameter setting by RS 485 MODBUS RTU serial connection

>  Logic supply is independent to motor supply and has a wide voltage range: 170÷250 Vac single phase.

  Three phase supply available for 2 ranges: 170÷510 Vac (230/400Vac lines), 300÷760 Vac (690Vac lines)

> Record of the last 5 faults tripped on the motor and soft starter protections.

> Auxiliary input/output for automatic management of the start-up with brake release ( e.g. tannery drums)

  • SOFTSTARTER protections:

- Overload by thermal image

- Short-circuit on line phases

- Line phases unbalance

- SCR module over temperature

  • MOTOR protections:

- Overload by thermal image to class 10 CEI EN 60947-4-2

- Under-load by ampere threshold

- Over temperature by PTC sensor mounted on motor (max 3)




The drive 270R is an analog static starter for three-phase asynchronous motors from 4kW 400Vac, up to a maximum of 75kW 400Vac (90kW 460Vac, 40kW 230Vac) with acceleration / deceleration and limitation of the starting current.
It is a simplified version to use extremely simple and intuitive, with characteristics of total control on all 3 phases for the best value for current / torque and static bypass at the end of starting.



 265 / 265S SERIES

The drive 265 or 265S is a starter for analog phase asynchronous motors from 2.2 kW 400Vac, up to a maximum of 30kW 400Vac (230Vac 17.5 kW).
It is designed to gently start the engines using a ramp voltage on one phase only, in order to create short ramps on the starting, to avoid the mechanical impact between the engine and the transmission organs connected to it.
When power is on, two phases are fed directly by a third party while the minimum level set and reaches the maximum voltage value in the set time.