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Rowan Elettronica build also the asynchronous Three-phase motors  (useful with  V/F  and Vector inverter ) with LIQUID COOLING (Water and Glycol) useful for employment in particularly hard or polluted environments (MARBLE, CHEMICAL, PLASTIC  AREAS and AUTOMOTIVE in Hybrid car). Sometimes, this kind of motors can be used like an electric generators too when it works with an endothermic motor or turbine. For any further information, please, contact our commercial dept.


For example here a particular application where the liquid cooling motor has been installed with endothermic motor:


The rated power values and their operating points are reported in the following tables, both star and delta connection:




The efficiency value can be used to size the cooling system power. The data refer to tests with cooling liquid flow rate equal to 250 litre per hour and the rated power corresponds to an input temperature of cooling liquid equal to 15°C. If the input liquid temperature is higher than 15°C, the power-derating curve is shown below; it defines the available power in continuous duty depending on the input temperature of cooling liquid, up to 30°C. The diagram is suitable both star and delta motor connection.

In dedicated application such as the coupling of the electric motor with an endothermic power system and higher cooling liquid temperature, e.g. 80°C, a power-derating equal to 15% is suggested.