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Rowan El. three-phase asynchronous motor with cage rotor can be called "INVERTER DUTY"; they have been designed to work  with inverter that uses PWM technique and in particular with Rowan El. vector inverters.

The hardness, the independent ventilation, the thermal circuit breaker and the high insulation ensure the reliability of the motors and the best performances available on the market. Moreover  the vacuum impregnation of the winding pack ensure a partial attenuation of the background noise caused by the frequency modulation.

The sizes of Rowan El. vector motors are in conformity to MEC standards of the equivalent series, therefore are perfectly interchangeable with commercial asynchronous motors.


Rowan Vector Motors can also be used directly powered to the electrical network ensuring the operation without drive, even at a fixed speed. In this case, choose the star or delta connection depending on the data plate of the motor and the power line as per any standard induction motor. The maximum speed will obviously depend on the number of poles of the motor.

Leveraging the solid construction and with appropriate adjustments, the vector motors can be used as spindle motors for high speeds.