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Generic feedback regulation for vector and scalar control:

- Feedback from 0 /+10Vdc, +/-10Vdc, 4÷20mA, 0÷20mA signal, by programmable analog input.

- Proportional/Integral regulation.

- Maximum and minimum speed.

- NTC or PTC temperature probe for motor protection.

- Reversible regulation direction.

- Minimum or maximum alarm/fault with delay setting.

Specific regulation for compressors, pumps, fridge cells:

- Operation level setting by 0÷10Vdc, moto-potentiometer, potentiometer, keypad.

- Feedback from transducer 0 /+10Vdc, +/-10Vdc, 4÷20mA, 0÷20mA.

- Minimum, maximum speed and delayed stop setting.

- Positive and negative regulation setting.

- Pressure hysteresis and restart temperature setting.

- Proportional and Integral gain setting.

- 3 V/F curves for each different type of load (pumps, fans, etc...) has already been set in scalar control.

- Overload start.

- Speed reduce setting in relationship with overload.

- Reading/Display oil temperature by PTC/NTC probe.

- Speed reduce setting in relationship with oil temperature or motor temperature and delayed stop if the temperature stays over the limit (the delay can be set). 

- Stand-by operation state if the temperature is too low.

- Memorization of work time.

- Period time setting for oil maintain.

- Customizable keypad


Regulator for marble, wood, metal, etc... cutting systems

The P/I controller adjusts the speed of the motor for the translation operation then the current of the motor used for the cut operation is maintained constant by one of the following solutions:

A) The inverter implements a direct control of motor speed for the cut operation and the P/I regulator adjusts the external drive for the translation movement by a programmable analog output.

B) The inverter implements the direct control of motor speed for the translation movement by the P/I regulator; the current feedback is read by a programmable analog input (TA signal or 0÷10 V).

Important functions:

- Speed regulation of the motor for cutting operations;

- JOG function for manual translation;

- Manual adjusting of the translation speed;

- Manual adjusting of the motor current for the cutting operation;

- Switch between MANUAL/AUTOMATIC and vice-versa; at the moment the motor current for the cut operation is maintained constant.

- Alarm setting for minimum and maximum current;

- A delay can be set for alarm reaction.