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The 400 SERIES Digit Inverters along with the G series Vector motors represent our best solution for the “motion control” needs.

The speed and torque control are realized by the FOC VECTOR system with encoder feedback.

They are especially suggested when you need:

- high precision on speed and torque control

- high dynamic performances

- short response time

- Special integrated features for: positioning, processing regulation, winding, regeneration.




  • Digit control by DSP microprocessor.
  • Simplified start-up menu (BASIC DATA) by setting those parameters strictly useful for a quick start.
  • Possibility of copying all parameters into two internal memories and restoring them onto job memory.
  • Possibility of restoring the default setting of all parameters..
  • Possibility of bidirectional transfer (copy / restore), through a USB port, of all the memories of parameters in an external
  • EEPROM KEY available separately (cod. C411S.A).
  • Software “Rowan Key Manager” for saving the EEPROM KEY parameters into a file and vice-versa.
  • Standard INPUT/OUTPUT resources (digital/analog) fully programmable, including:
  • 6 digital inputs, 3 relay outputs, 4 analog inputs, 4 analog outputs, 2 inputs for 125Khz line driver encoder .
  • Possibility of expanding the I/O resources by including the optional drive B404S.C, having:
  • 7 digital inputs, 5 digital static outputs, 1 input for 125Khz line driver encoder.
  • Keypad with remotation and customization possibility for direct use as terminal on a panel at a side of the machine.
  • Network holes managing for limitation of down-times.
  • Possibility of automatic re-start after fault.
  • Electrical heat protection of the inverter, the motor and the braking resistance.
  • RS485 serial control up to 115200 bps by MODBUS RTU.
  • Optional serial control:  PROFIBUS DPV1 - CAN OPEN - MODBUS TCP/IP - ETHERCAT - PROFINET
  • Two motors simple selection having different output characteristics to a unique actuator, even equipped with encoder, thanks to the possibility of connecting two line driver encoders.

Motor control systems available:

V/F scalar control for standard asynchronous motors

  • Three different V/F curve settings (for standard load or for two selectable curves on ventilators/pumps)
  • HT (High Torque) control for high performances of starting torque from empty to loaded
  • Loaded starting with blocked rotor obtaining the maximum torque performance.
  • Slipping compensation.
  • Slow/fast overload control.
  • Flying start function.
  • Continuous current braking.


VECTOR FOC for Rowan Elettronica vector motors and asynchronous motors with encoder

  • High precision bidirectional speed control and high dynamic performances.
  • Speed feedback by line driver encoder.
  • Motor torque control with two separate rotational directions and precise displaying in Nm.
  • AUTOTUNING in vector control function for a closed loop asynchronous motor in stationary or in motion
  • AUTOTUNING ON-LINE of vector control: compensation of rotoric constant in response to changes temperature of the motor during the work.
  • Weakening control for asynchronous motors.


V/F scalar and Vector speed control features:

  • speed set can be set by analog input, keypad, moto-potentiometer , 10 constant speed reference selected by digital input, modbus.
  • 3 different speed sets are selected by digital inputs.
  • 3 speed limits are selected by digital inputs.
  • 3 different acceleration speed ramps can be selected by digital inputs.
  • 3 different deceleration speed ramps can be selected by digital inputs.
  • 2 thresholds on speed motor can be selected.
  • LIFT function with MECHANIC BRAKE control, useful for lift system.

Functions available:

  • AXIS function implements a position control of the motor.
  • REGULATOR function implements a closed loop control for compressors, fridges, pumps and cutting application with  constant current.            
  • GEN-AFE function implements variable frequency and voltage supplies and re-generator toward electric line.
  • WINDER function for winding and unwinding application.
  • CUSTOM function on client specifics.

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