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The 350 SERIES Digit Inverters are exclusively designed for the speed control of the asynchronous standard motors through the Voltage/Frequency skill, without speed feedback.

They are especially suggested when you need:

- functioning and setting simplicity

- high starting torque

- low price








  • Digit control by DSP microprocessor.
  • Simplified start-up menu (BASIC DATA) by setting those parameters strictly useful for a quick start.
  • Possibility of  copying all parameters into two internal memories and restoring them onto job memory.
  • Possibility of  restoring the default setting of all parameters.
  • Possibility of bidirectional transfer (copy / restore), through a USB port, of all the memories of parameters in an external EEPROM  KEY available separately (cod. C411S.A).
  • Software “Rowan Key Manager” for saving the parameters of the EEPROM  KEY into a file  and vice versa.
  • Standard INPUT/OUTPUT resources (digital/analog)  fully programmable, including:
  • 7 digit inputs, 3 relay outputs, 1 static output, 4 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, 1 input dedicated to motor PTC probe.
  • Keypad with remotation and customization possibility for direct use as terminal on a panel at a side of the machine (2 rows x  16 digits).
  • Possibility of  automatic re-start after fault.
  • Electrical heat protection of the inverter and the braking resistance.
  • RS485 standard serial control up to 115200 bps by MODBUS RTU.
  • Two motors simple selection having different output characteristics to a unique actuator.
  • Speed control system:

         - V/F scalar control for standard asynchronous motors

         - V/F  linear characteristic

         - HT (High Torque) control  for high performances of starting torque from empty to loaded.

         - loaded starting with blocked rotor obtaining the maximum torque performance.

         - slow/fast overload control.

         - flying start function.

         - continuous current braking.

         - speed setting from analog input, keypad, moto-potentiometer and  3 fixed speeds selectable from digital inputs and Modbus.

         - 2 maximum speeds selectable through digital inputs.

         - 2 acceleration ramps selectable through digital inputs.

         - 2 deceleration ramps selectable through digital inputs.

         - 1 switching threshold on the motor speed.


  • Special functions:

- REGULATOR  useful  for  the closed loop control of the pressure on compressors, refrigerators and pumps.

 See all characteristics on  REGULATOR - FUNCTION ONE for C400R inverter.


  • Special versions on request:

350 Series inverter give many possibilities when used as:

- Frequency generator single-phase square wave up to 20KHz with settable duty cycle;
- DC  feeder with polarity reverse.