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- Suitable for building variable voltage and frequency feeders.

- V/F generator with open loop or closed loop voltage regulator, on the second one the feedback is obtained by external Vac/Vdc converter in parallel with the load.   

- V/F generator with open loop or closed loop current regulator feedback obtained by an internal reference or by an external         Iac/Vdc converter in series with the load.

- Available outputs: three-phase, single-phase or triple single-phase.

- Available output waveforms: sinusoidal, sinusoidal plus triple harmonic or square wave.

- Output frequency range: 1.0 to 800 Hz.

- PWM switching frequency range: 0.5 to 30 KHz (the maximum limit depends on the size).

- Special function single-phase square wave, it's modulated until 2500 Hz.

- 4 output signals with different frequency are selected by digital inputs.

- Output voltage and current are regulated by analog inputs or directly by keypad.

- Soft-starter with programmable voltage ramp.


- Suitable for supply units and electric energy recovery, if an other inverter C400A is connected, the common DC bus allows to recover the brake energy toward the electric line.

- AFE (Active Front End) technology allows to exchange the electric energy from and toward the electric line, a reduction of harmonic distortion is achieved and the power factor will be almost one.

- Programmable level of the bus DC voltage.

- Programmable generation current limit (electric line toward bus DC).

- Programmable re-generation current limit (bus DC toward electric line).

- Remote-control switch and bus DC pre-charge can be controlled by digital output.

- Digital output is reserved for the slave inverters connected on bus DC run enabling.